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Vibration Isolation Platforms, Vibration Isolation Platform

Vibration Isolation Platform

Our Vibration Isolation Platforms are meant to sit on a sturdy table or work bench, with microscopes, sample preparation tools, hardness testers or other vibration sensitive equipment placed on top. This special platform cuts off the transmission of vibrations from the tabletop or work bench into the equipment. These platforms can also be placed directly on the floor to isolate larger items such as incubators or motor driven equipment such as generators or compressors.

Our platforms are passive, mechanical and maintenance free, and therefore require no external services. Services such as compressed air or electrical power, supporting software or hardware, or calibration are completely unnecessary with Vistek platforms. The bearings used in these platforms effectively isolate for horizontal and vertical vibration components in all six degrees of freedom.

Our platforms are comprised of a black powder-coated steel plate supported on three, four or more Vibration Isolation Bearings. We can also supply hard black anodized aluminum platforms.

We supply optical breadboard platforms available in any size in which optical breadboards are manufactured. Newport Corp, is our supplier for these breadboards and we can modify the size and shape to fit custom applications when necessary.

VIP 320 Series
This Series features rectangular-shaped Platforms with three or four Vibration Isolation Bearings. The Platform is available in five standard sizes ranging from 12x 18 inches (30cm x 46cm) to 24x 30 inches (61cm x 76cm) and can handle weights up to 500 lbs (225 kgs). In addition you can order custom size platforms to meet your exact requirements and minimize platform footprint while still isolating your sensitive equipment. The platforms are fabricated from 3/8 inch steel plate for maximum stiffness.

Vibration Isolation Platform Vibration Isolation Platform

VIP320 Model NumbersPlatform weightPlatform Drawing
VIP320-1218-xxyy24 lbs (11 kgs)Customer Drawing
VIP320-1616-xxyy128 lbs (12.7 kgs)Customer Drawing
VIP320-1824-xxyy47 lbs (21.3 kgs)Customer Drawing
VIP320-2020-xxyy43 lbs (19.5 kgs)Customer Drawing
VIP320-2436-xxyy94 lbs (42.6 kgs)Customer Drawing

'xx' represents the lowest payload supported by bearings supplied with the platform
and 'yy' represents the heaviest payload supported by the bearings supplied with the platform.

Any combination of bearings from the VIB320 table (link) can be provided . The payload range for any platform is calculated as follows:

Minimum Payload = 4*(VIB320 minimum rating) – platform weight
Maximum Payload= 4* (VIB320 maximum rating) – platform weight

If we want an 18 in by 24 in platform to support a 100 pound payload. Then the total weight to be supported by the four bearings is 147 pounds (100 + platform weight). Spread equally over four bearings, each bearing needs to support 39 pounds. We need to select a bearing that has 39 pounds as a mid point between its min and max rating. In this case the VIB320-2947 would be a good match.

The minimum payload calculation from the formula = 4*29-47 = 69 pounds
The maximum payload calculation from the formula = 4*47-47 = 141 pounds.

VIP 3200 Series
This Series features Platforms that fit the exact footprint of specific microscopes as well as hardness testers. Please visit the Microscope Platforms page to find out if we have a platform to fit your particular apparatus.

If these standard platforms do not meet your requirements, we can create a custom size platform with payload capacity up to 2500 lbs or more. We can also create ultra large platforms by tying individual platforms together.